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RE: kickstart installation hardware support

You can use:

boot: ks=http://xxxxxx ip=xxxxx netmask=xxxxx gateway=xxxxx dns=xxxxx

One caveat, do not put TOO much on the boot: line, there is a 255 character limitation.

Since you are supplying the dns server, you can use name resolution.  Once the kickstart file is retrieved, the NIC will be cycled again, and it will use whatever is inside the kickstart file itself.


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>>	I am having some problems installing Fedora core 5 on my system. When 
>>I use the FC5 boot disk with the kickstart directive
>>	linux ks=http://somedomain/ks.cfg
>>	The installation ignores the ks configuration completely and continues on to the graphical installation. I do not know if it >     is relevent but I do not 
>>	have dhcp on my network where the machine so I need to setup the ip address statically.   
> Hi.
> As you don't have any DHCP server, you can try to configure ip on lilo/grub. Have a look to the ip kernel parameter:
> ip=<client ip>:<server ip>:<gateway 
> ip>:<netmask>:<hostname>:<device>:<autoconf>

I don't think the kernel's going to interpret this (when last I read up on this, it required the NIC driver to be built into the kernel, and for kernel support to be explicitly configured in).

However, it is possible for the linuxrc script (and its successors) to interpret it.

Certainly, IP= works in Ubuntu, but I've not explored why, I just assumed it's done in the scripts & didn't need to know one way or the other.

> In your case, I should try something like this:
> linux ks=http://<http server ip>/ks.cfg ip=<client ip>::<gateway ip>:<netmask>:::

_That_ would _never_ work on _my_ server. My server like names, not 
numbers - they are delicate souls:-)



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