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Re: large repo installation delay

David Lutterkort wrote:
> Not that I have a fix for this, but what are the differences in total
> number of packages between the case where you have all repos and where
> you use the custom-tailored repo ?

Our custom kickstart tree consists of about 700 rpm packages (those 700
packages listed in the ks.cfg file) wheres the total of all repos is
about 10000 packages (core, extras, updates, livna and our own repo).

However if one is installing directly from fedora mirrors this amount of
packages should be pretty common since livna and our own repo only add
about 500 packages. So as a result a 'normal' kickstart installation
should always take a lot of time to check packages for installation.

I've traced the kickstart steps to the 'install' method in
yum/__init__.py. As described in the comment of this method it 'tries to
mark for install the item specified'. Specified items are of course all
the packages listed in the ks.cfg.



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