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RE: "pump" times out -- extend a few seconds more?

Summarizing my situation:


  Client HW:       HP DL385

  Client OS:       RHEL3U5

  The boot cd is mounted via the virtual cdrom thru HP’s ILO port.


My isolinux.cfg contains the entry:


  label ap10903-02-net

  kernel vmlinuz

  append ks= initrd=initrd.img text


And on the boot: line I use:


Boot: ap10903-02-net ksdevice=eth0 ip= netmask= gateway=  <nicdelay/linksleep=options>


            I’ve used both nicdelay and linksleep with values of 50, 500, 5000, and 50000 with no discernable boot delays.


The result is:

I see vmliniz and initrd loading.

I am presented the “welcome to red hat linux” blue screen (I’m in text mode)

          Then I see the usb and raid controller drivers load

          Then I see a “determine hostname and domain”

          ( I think this is where the timeout occurs )

          Then I am prompted to “choose a language”


In a different terminal window I am “pinging” the IP during the whole boot process.  Once the “choose a language” prompt appears, then the interface begins responding to my pings.


My next step is to include the Kickstart config in the initrd.


If anyone sees any issues with my method, please drop me a note.








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Subject: RE: "pump" times out -- extend a few seconds more?


Regarding experience of parameters
                 nicdelay=50 linksleep=50
I used them today to circumvent the Anaconda "time-out" and can confirm that they worked in the required manner.
My previous http builds were failing to contact the apache server due to the time-out. With these values in place, I could see Anaconda waiting about 50 seconds while the NIC initialised; the build then completed normally.

I am still investigating the root cause of the time-out, but this seems a good circumvention.

Vivek Kalia

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