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RE: kernel parameters

You have to modify the syslinux files on the boot CD and rebuild the CD. Change the append= lines and add the option you need.




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Subject: kernel parameters


Hi all,


I'm upgrading a bootable CD which uses kickstart to automatically install REHL4 Upgrade3 and a subset of programs.


The upgrade is needed by a new hardware that requests a special kernel parameter to boot the system (in particular the kernel parameter is 'pci=nommconf' and it should be needed to use the Smart Array Controller)


I've been able to add this parameter in kickstart config file and now the boot is working fine (I'm using GRUB as bootloader), but I must type the kernel parameter by hand at installation prompt...



Is there a way to configure kickstart (or something else) in order to autamatically pass this kernel parameter to installation process too?






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