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RE: SUMMARY: RE: KickStart Issue

Title: SUMMARY: RE: KickStart Issue
Just a note, there is no "probably linux messed up with the file format" issue here. Any *NIX variant treats linefeeds differently than DOS based utilites. What happens is DOS based utilites put different control characters at the end of text lines than *NIX utilities do. For as long as it has been this way, to expect a text file edited on a windows machine to appear as expected on a *NIX machine is not even in the realm of reasonable. Furthermore, since *NIX systems have been around much longer than DOS based systems, I'd say that "probably Windows messed up with the file format"... 
But thats just me :)
Aside from all that, I'm glad you were able to figure it out and get things going. Have fun :)

Corey Kovacs
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Technology Management Associates
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Subject: SUMMARY: RE: KickStart Issue

Thanks very much to Chip Shabazian (BofA) who advised me to put debug statements like sleep and echo and run the commands manually and check the stages. The actual problem was that I copied the file from a windows machine and probably linux messed up with the file format. I did a dos2unix on the file and was able to get past the errors below.

- Abhijit Das

From:   Abhijit Das 
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Dear Gurus

I need a help here. I have create a RHEL4ASU4 32bit source server and configured dhcp/nfs/kickstart on it. I am also using the initrd.img and vmlinuz from the first CD to pxe boot the destination machines. I use the pxelinux concept of kickstarting. Here is my default file

        MENU LABEL pxe
        kernel vmlinuz-pxe
        append ksdevice=eth0 console=tty0 load_ramdisk=1 initrd=initrd-pxe.img network ks=nfs:

As you see, I am passing the kickstart parameters via additional boot loader parameters.
/kickstart/rhelas4u4/i386 contains the entire distribution of RHEL4ASU4

Now am using a kickstart configuration file (client's file) wherein he calls many post install and pre install scripts. I get the following error :-

IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory : '/tmp/xxxxxx'
This directory is mentioned in the %pre script to be created. But looks like it is unable to.

Before that I get bunch of File "/usr/lib/anaconda/kickstary.py" , line numbers messages but no errors on that.

Would appreciate your help and direction regards this

- Abhijit Das

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