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Re: Install to local drive instead of a fibre attached SAN

I did a quick google. Try passing "nostorage"


Beamon, John wrote:
We've had a few isolated incidents of kickstart installs assigning "/dev/sda" to a fibre attached SAN volume instead of the internal scsi disks.  My environment is RHEL 4U4 on mixed 32- and 64-bit Intel hardware.  Is there a way to script in %pre the exclusion of drives attached by an HBA?  I've rewritten /tmp/modprobe.conf with "scsi_hostadapterN qla2300" as both first and last entry in the scsi hosts, but the lettering of the drive doesn't change.  It appears to be set by the kernel image during boot.  Can that be re-ordered?  The closest thing I've found is that I can 'rmmod qla2300' in %pre, but the better long-term plan would be to configure internal or external by choice so we have the option of installing to the SAN later.


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