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Kickstarting an RX4640 Itanium

I've been trying to build a bootable Kickstart DVD for RHEL 4 (AS4u3).
I've got the booting part  working no problem, all the packages are on
the disc. We can even use the disc for a manual/interactive install.
The problem I'm having with the process is getting Kickstart to
partition the HDDs. I've got this whole process working like a champ
on x86 hardware, but this /boot/efi has become a thorn in my side.

The specifics are as follows:
HP RX4640
4 Internal HDD, mapped into 2 RAID1 discs.
The controller is recognized as CCISS
The error I get is something like "can't find device cciss/c0d0 to use
for /boot/efi" (sorry I don't have it word for word). At that point
the only option is "OK" and reboot the machine.

As I said above, if I use the same DVD and do a manual/interactive
install everything works. Even if I let the installer build the
partitions automatically it finds the cciss/c0d0 and labels it
correctly /boot/efi. To add further confusion after the
manual/interactive install is complete and I compare the "part"
section of my ks.cfg with the one anaconda builds
(/root/anaconda-ks.cfg) they are exactly the same.... Below is the
section of my ks.cfg in question:

part /boot/efi --fstype vfat --noformat --onpart cciss/c0d0p1

I've tried several permutations of --onpart, --ondisk, on that line.
Also clearpart --all, --linux, --initlabel just before that line.

Does anyone have any magic bullets, or examples of known working
itanium ks.cfg's? Any help would be much appreciated.

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