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Re: Kickstarting an RX4640 Itanium


Here's a kickstart script that I just tested with a network kickstart and it worked fine on an rx2660.


Matt P wrote:
Yes, you're correct, I've got Itatium on the brain, there are only 2
internal drives. I'm in the process of building out 70+ machine which
are a mix of Itanium (RX4640) and x86 (DL class). The x86 machines
have 4 HDDs, my mistake.

I'm pretty sure the Module gets loaded. I didn't use lsmod but fdisk
does see the disk and the partitions that HP SmartStart builds which
includes efi.... I'll give that "device scsi cciss" a shot. the worst
part about testing this is I've got to burn a new DVD each time I make
a change to the config. Then sneaker net it over to the customer site,
etc, etc... It's a royal pain.

On 3/28/07, Bryan Stillwell <bryan stillwell hp com> wrote:

I work in HP's Open Source and Linux Organization and I've done multiple
kickstart installs on Itanium hardware and everything looks right to me.
  It sounds like the cciss driver isn't being loaded during your
kickstart install for some reason.  Can you switch to the shell (Alt-F2)
and run lsmod (or 'cat /proc/modules') and see if the cciss driver is
loaded when you receive that message?

You can also try adding the following line to the top of your kickstart
script to make sure the cciss driver is loaded:

device scsi cciss

BTW, how did you manage to fit four internal drives in an rx4640?
There's only room for two.

nfs --server=test.test --dir=/dist/redhat/rhel4/as/U3/ia64
lang en_US.UTF-8
langsupport --default=en_US.UTF-8 en_US.UTF-8
keyboard us
network --device eth0 --bootproto dhcp
firewall --disabled
selinux --disabled
authconfig --enableshadow --enablemd5
timezone --utc America/Denver
bootloader --location=mbr --append="console=ttyS0"
clearpart --all --initlabel=gpt
part /boot/efi --fstype vfat --size=100 --ondisk=cciss/c1d0
part swap --fstype swap --size=2048 --ondisk=cciss/c1d0
part / --fstype ext3 --size=256 --grow --ondisk=cciss/c1d0



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