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Re: Identifying SCSI or IDE drives in %pre

should be on page 20. There's an example script that does that.
You will have to use the %include directive.

Daniel Segall wrote:
I deploy kickstarts to a number of different configurations. The servers have IDE, SAS, or SCSI drives. My partitioning is always the same, but if it's an IDE server, I do a software raid1. The SCSI & SAS servers have hardware raid1. Currently I manage multiple configs to make this happen. I'd like to start using list-harddrives in %pre, and generate the partition tables from that. It's really simple, if sd = yes, then  partition normally. hd = yes then partition with raid config.

I know this has been covered before, and I have searched and found some examples, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I am not a programmer, so if someone could help me with the logic here, that would be sweet.



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