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RE: Setting environment variable

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From: Binand Sethumadhavan [mailto:binand gmail com] 
Sent: donderdag 29 maart 2007 15:03
To: Discussion list about Kickstart
Subject: Re: Setting environment variable

On 29/03/07, Bob Huisman <Bob Huisman filterworks com> wrote:
>> I have been thinking about making a package which sets some of the
>> environment variables, and have that installed too, but I understood
>> that the order of installation of packages is not always the same...

> You can control the order of installation by making your
> environment-setting package as a dependency for the other packages.
The problem with this is that the package can also be installed
separately, where the extra commands depending on that environment
variable should not be displayed.

>> As the system has just been installed, there are no pre-set
>> variables which can be used. I was wondering whether and how it is
>> possible to set an environment variable before installation of any
>> custom packages?

> I'd create a file in /etc/sysconfig for my custom environment (via a
> separate package or by just echo whatever > /etc/sysconfig/myenviron),
> and source that file in the %pre section of my specfile.
That would be an option, but would require me to build separate packages
for the kickstart installation, which is not the idea of installing all
'versions' of the software with one package.

I'm starting to think that would be the only option though...thanks for
the input :)


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