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Re: Timezone specification

Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
I found that with F-10, I can no longer use

  timezone --utc US/Central

to specify my timezone.  For some reason this is no longer valid, even
though it has been a valid timezone for Unix systems since as far as I
can remember.

The installer drops me into the timezone chooser, and unfortunately
that makes it rather difficult to choose a city in US/Central, because
it either suggests Monterrey (which has different DST rules) or forces
me to somehow know the myriad DST rules for all of the little cities
in Indiana which are represented on the map in preference to cities
like Houston or Dallas.  My complaints about that have always been
closed NOTABUG, though, so I guess there's no point in complaining
here, except that I honestly do not know how to specify the proper
timezone for my location any longer.  Does anyone happen to know?

 - J<

  ... on my RHEL-4 system, America/Chicago and US/Central are
      identical (using cmp(1)).

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