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Re: Bonding interfaces in %post

Cipolla, Joseph wrote:

I am attempting to create a bonded interface from two NICs on RHEL 5.1, but I'm running into a strange problem. When the system is completed with the kickstart and reboots, it renames the ifcfg-eth0/1 files to ifcfg-eth0/1.bak and changing the interfaces to DHCP. The ifcfg-bond0 file remains unchanged though. From what I've been able to find on the net, there is something in the boot sequence that requires HWADDR be set in the ifcfg-ethN files and will overwrite them if not found. Once I copy the files back and restart the network service, everything is fine. And subsequent reboots do not mess with the files again, even though they are still missing the HWADDR field.

My question is this: Can this function be disabled or bypassed? If not, then will I have to determine the HWADDR of each interface prior to creating the ifcfg-ethN files? Or will anaconda be supporting interface bonding in future releases?

Of potential interest, though not quite released yet (coming this week), Cobbler 1.4 will have support for creating the code to set up bonding in %post, which can be set up through the command line or the web application.

See https://fedorahosted.org/cobbler/wiki/AdvancedNetworking for some early documentation.

Might not be for everyone but I wanted to throw that out there. Comments on the implementation are most definitely welcome.



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