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Re: Anaconda error

Andrew wrote:

I keep getting an error while trying to install any version of Fedora with cobbler. While using dhcp or trying to manually set the IP Anaconda says cannot set IP and the install errors out.

You have "network --bootproto=dhcp --device=eth1 --onboot=on"

Which seems to be you're not setting up eth0 at this time.
What do you have on the kernel options line?


Here is my kickstart from my Fedora 9 profile:

# kickstart template for Fedora 8 and later.
# (includes %end blocks)
# do not use with earlier distros

#platform=x86, AMD64, or Intel EM64T
# System authorization information
auth  --useshadow  --enablemd5
# System bootloader configuration
bootloader --location=mbr
# Partition clearing information
clearpart --all --initlabel
# Use text mode install
# Firewall configuration
firewall --enabled
# Run the Setup Agent on first boot
firstboot --disable
# System keyboard
keyboard us
# System language
lang en_US
# Use network installation
url --url=
# If any cobbler repo definitions were referenced in the kickstart profile, include them here. repo --name=source-1 --baseurl=

# Network information
network --bootproto=dhcp --device=eth1 --onboot=on
# Reboot after installation

# SELinux configuration
selinux --disabled
# Do not configure the X Window System
# System timezone
timezone  America/New_York
# Install OS instead of upgrade
# Clear the Master Boot Record

# Magically figure out how to partition this thing
%include /tmp/partinfo

# Determine how many drives we have
set $(list-harddrives)
let numd=$#/2

cat << EOF > /tmp/partinfo
part / --fstype ext3 --size=1024 --grow --ondisk=$d1 --asprimary
part swap --size=1024 --ondisk=$d1 --asprimary

wget ""; -O /dev/null



wget ""; -O /root/cobbler.ks wget ""; -O /dev/null

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