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Re: Anaconda updates=<url> boot option

Aaron Cohen wrote:
I'm trying to configure PXE booting at the moment, and I've got it
mostly working, except for the updates=<url> option.

Is this meant to configure a server that RPM updates are pulled from
during installation or is it more limited than that?

I have it specified as a local yum repository, and it does not seem to
be used at all, only my http:<install tree> (which I specified using
method=<url>) is being used.

Is the only option to create a kickstart file that adds my repository?

This seems to be for both Fedora 9 and 10.


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Anaconda for EL 5 and later (and any recent Fedora) has a "repo" directive to attach to additional yum repositories during installation.

If you're using Cobbler, it will configure these for you for repositories you have mirrored and attached to particular profiles, so that may be of interest.

Either way "repo" is what you want.


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