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Re: Old style fixed partitions in KS-- Anaconda bug??

On Tue, 5 Feb 2008, Cris Rhea wrote:

> > From: Pablo Iranzo G?mez <Pablo Iranzo redhat com>
> If I can't figure out what's broken and get it fixed, I may have to
> go this route... to me, adding the complexity of LVM to a system that could
> (and did in the past) use simple partitions is adding bloat to Linux.

LVM will allow you to redimension FS on demand without having to switch to
single runlevel

> I love LVM in multi-disk situations where you need to be able to span drives
> or easily resize volumes...
> BUT, I also like the simplicity of popping in a rescue disk and mounting
> /dev/sda5 to access and fix a problem in "/".

Use the install media kernel and initrd.img and boot in "rescue" mode...
you'll have lvm to activate vg's and lv's and you can mount them ;)... but
yes, it's easier with plain partitions

> I'm also curious-- if your suggestion above works (where you
> partition the disk with sfdisk and then use LVM), I'm even more
> curious why my version doesn't work-- I'm doing the same thing, just
> more statements of the form: "part /boot --fstype ext3  --onpart=hda1".

Mine is working with another layer... I'm kickstarting 64 mb machines
(heavily unsuported), so I create a third partiton which a swapfile that
I'm using during kickstart in order to avoid anaconda from aborting, in
%post, I disable that swapfile, change partitition type with sfdisk (just
edit type), I convert that partition to a PV and extending VG over that PV
in order to not wasting space... ;)


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