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Re: Old style fixed partitions in KS-- Anaconda bug??

On Thu, Feb 07, 2008 at 09:24:53AM -0800, dwight at supercomputer.org wrote:

> Here's an obscure bit of trivia. Why is it not one, not two, not 
> four, but three syncs?

Because the system will have done the first sync by the time you finished
typing the other two.

> Hang on now. If the partition table is fully predefined, and you're 
> using the onpart arg, and this is happening? Without anything in 
> the %pre section?

Yup... perhaps anaconda is getting confused by the number of "onpart" 
file systems I'm defining or something equally as bizarre. 

One of the suggestions that came across the list was to define
two partitions with sfdisk--

One for /boot and one for LVM. Since you use the "onpart" tag for 
the /boot partition, clearly Anaconda can A.) Deal with a disk that 
has been "sfdisk"ed. and B.) Deal with a partition using "onpart".

> As far as a debug environment goes (and this is just off the top of 
> my head), wouldn't the image loaded down from a PXE install be 
> suitable? minstage.img IIRC, on the CD ISO. Combine that on a USB 
> stick with a VMWare image, and that might be an ideal debug 
> environment. But that's just a quick thought.

How does one build a minstg2.img file?  Can I just change *that* one file
or do I also have to change more (i.e., doesn't Anaconda call all sorts of
Python libs located elsewhere)?

Yes, I could do the PXE environment (but not the VMWare), or I could use
the diskboot.img (USB pendrive image).

I've never played around with unrolling/re-rolling those images--
spent a couple hours looking one time, but never found much in the 
way of docs...

>    -dwight-

 Cristopher J. Rhea                     
 Mayo Clinic - Research Computing Facility
 200 First St SW, Rochester, MN 55905
 crhea Mayo EDU
 (507) 284-0587

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