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Re: Upgrading kernel used in PXE boot

Joel Andres Granados wrote:
Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:
I don't think pungi did anything for Fedora 7, nor from before Fedora 7.

I'm pretty sure pungi began in F7. not sure if it was used to compose f7 or f8 though.
have to ask jessey.

pungi was used to compose F7 and F8 and will be used to compose F9 as well, but Jesse is convinced he can't get away with composing Fedora N+1 or Fedora N-1 on a Fedora N machine. Whether it is a support-, release engineering- or technical argument I do not know.

Also, Revisor does not use pungi.

mmm. my bad. where you using pungi and changed or did you never use pungi at all?
I was convinced that how it worked.  learn something new every day.
So do you call buildinstall directly to build the images or do you have
your own version of buildinstall?

We use anaconda-runtime's buildinstall alright. As much as we look like we're going renegade we do value upstream (and so it seems we value upstream more then they do downstream). Basically where we doing what pungi has been doing for Fedora 7, but by the time we started needing callbacks to be performed to keep our GUI responsive -applies to CLI as well, tweak the media being composed and needed to ship Revisor for EL5, we did not get the patches accepted upstream (out-of-scope, zero confidence, whatever other reason) although sometimes the functionality we requested has been applied later -anyway we didn't need to depend on pungi anymore.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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