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problems with unpartitioned harddrives and automatic partitioning

Hello All,

I've been trying to setup automatic partitioning with Kickstart.
Everything is okay until I try to run my Kickstart setup on machine with unpartitioned drives (like if partition table is broken or filled with zeros).

I'm experiencing same issue with both Centos4.6 and Centos5.1.

My goal is to get raid1 setup automatically through kickstart. Below is cut from ks.cfg:
clearpart --initlabel --all
part raid.01 --size=2048 --onbiosdisk=80 --asprimary
part raid.02 --size=8192 --onbiosdisk=80 --asprimary --grow
part raid.03 --size=2048 --onbiosdisk=81 --asprimary
part raid.04 --size=8192 --onbiosdisk=81 --asprimary --grow
raid /    --level=RAID1 --device=md0 --fstype=ext3 raid.02 raid.04
raid swap --level=RAID1 --device=md1 --fstype=swap raid.01 raid.03

If I remove this part and run kickstarting machine over Kickstart with manual partitioning I get warning about drives needs to be initialized. That's normal I guess. But with my automatic partitioning I've "clearpart --initlabel --all" and that supposed to be initializing any/all unpartitioned drives but that's not happening. Kickstart just hangs giving bunch of errors.

If I just go ahead and do something like:
fdisk /dev/hda
fdisk /dev/hdc
And then try again that automatic partitioning scheme it works like expected.

I've searched over the mailling list archive but wasn't able to find anything.

For me it looks like a bug with "--initlabel" option.

Any suggestions?


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