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Re: New to RH Satellite server and Kickstart


El jue, 14-02-2008 a las 16:19 +0100, Fuchs Andreas escribió:
> Hi
> I'm pretty new to RHN Satellite server and Kickstart and have a couple
> of questions.
> We have the Satellite server setup with the needed channels and a
> kickstart profile ready for those channels.
> Bare Metall installation is running ok ending with a installed system
> with no hostname (registered as "unknown" in the satellite server) and
> ip from DHCP.
> We wonder now:
> - How does the server get his Hostname?

	From reverse IP resolution for your IP, the trick is to create an entry
with your desired hostname and IP address in /etc/hosts or using API to
edit shown name

> - How do we configure the Networks (there are severals including some
> bonding)?

	Create your custom /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ to play around with
your desires, or do it the dirty way, putting them at /etc/rc.local

> What's best practice?
> - cloning a template kickstart profile for each server and adding the
> values?
> - create pre/post scripts who ask for the information during install?
>   as we like this idea

This would be better

>   - is there some documentation/examples/helper scripts to get a this
> nicely done?
chvt 3
read valK

> - using config channels and also some kind of scripts to get hostname
> and ip?

Check for config file's macros

> Also:
> - is cobbler supporting/integrating with the satellite server

They're separate projects, probably could try at #cobbler on freenode


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