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Re: Unable to eject boot cd during kickstart install

Peter Schwenk wrote:
I, the OP, am in fact doing a network install. I get the ball rolling with the CD. I never tried Fedora 7, but Fedoras 6 and prior didn't lock the CD in the drive during the network install. I am reluctant to start killing processes during the install just so I can remove my CD as dwight at supercomputer.org suggested. I'm booting from the Rescue CD to do my installs, and one thing I noticed is that a message box pops up indicating that the install found local install media. This message hadn't appeared with the earlier Fedoras. I'll try to make a bare-bones boot CD somehow with no install files to see if that helps keep the CD from being locked in.

There's the boot.iso already available, that's what I use. With minor surgery it's possible to get a ks file into it and have it used.

As you note, getting it out's the trick.



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