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Re: Unable to eject boot cd during kickstart install

Rainer Duffner wrote:
Peter Schwenk schrieb:
I, the OP, am in fact doing a network install.

Would it be possible for you to setup cobbler? (DHCP, TFTP, etc.)
It requires some time to get going, but after that, you never want to do
it any other way again.

_I_ already have the install infrastructure set up, it's evolved since RHL 7.2, and caters for Debian, Ubuntu and RHL-family. However, sometimes it's convenient not to use it.

I'm contemplating extending it to do Windows too; I have one ISC DHCPD set up that does Windows, I'm contemplating choosing between Windows and The Others at PXE-boot time.

There has also been discussion (maybe other fora) in the distant past about preventing install loops. Getting the CD out early would help.

Also a note when it's safe to remove USB media. for those with that need.



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