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Re: Unable to eject boot cd during kickstart install

Michael DeHaan wrote:
John Summerfield wrote:
Taking the CD ensures there won't be an install loop. Waiting for it's tedious.

Sorry to take over the list (seriously), but cobbler has anti install loop prevention features that solve that problem.

Just turn on pxe_just_once in settings and when a system finishes installing, it will toggle the netboot flag for that system.

Doesn't help, when one boots boot.iso.

Should you want it to netboot again, you can do:
   cobbler system edit --name=foo --netboot-enabled=1

I'm not sure I want to run round the offices or phone people to get this done. I often do network installs in another building from where the servers are, on a LAN that can't reach (by ssh and such) the servers.

The alternative is to set the BIOS behavior to only PXE if there is no MBR, leaving PXE out of the normal boot order.

More recent systems I see have the ability to do a one-time boot from the network (and some from CD), but this doesn't help on systems that lack this facility.

The question I put is not how to fix a problem for an individual, but about how to provide a solution for many users.



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