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Re: How to restrict package installation to x86_64

Hello John,

I don't know if there's a way to globally restrict packages the way you're
looking for, but if it suits your purposes, you can write something like
this in the '%packages' section of your ks.cfg:

@ Admin

The '-' prefix tells Kickstart not to install it.


On 2/19/08 9:51 PM, "John Morris" <jman ablesky com>did etch on stone

> Not sure if this is a kickstart, anaconda or yum question, so please
> slap and redirect me if this is the wrong forum.
> Our server environment is all x86_64 architecture CentOS 5.1, and thus
> far, new kickstarts have had only a few i386 arch RPMs installed.
> However, now that the nss_ldap package is included in the ks.cfg file,
> it is installed in both x86_64 and i386 architectures.  The i386 version
> brings a bevy of other supporting packages with it.  I wouldn't care
> that much, except that we have a repo of customized packages, all
> x86_64, and don't build for the i386 architecture; however, one of the
> supporting packages that we've upgraded in our custom repo, openldap,
> breaks the install because the original CentOS openldap package of an
> earlier version has file conflicts with our newer version.
> In kickstart, is there a simple way to restrict package installs to
> x86_64 architecture only?  Or is there a different, 'correct' way to
> go?  The other solutions I've considered, such as rebuilding our repo
> for i386 or removing all i386 packages from the vendor repos, seem
> hackish and inconvenient.
> Thanks-
>     John
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