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Re: Getting started

Rudi Ahlers wrote:

Michael DeHaan wrote:
Shabazian, Chip wrote:
You could start with the presentation I gave at last years LinuxWorld:

My biggest tip is to "yum install system-config-kickstart" (which I believe Chip mentions).

It can help guide you through the install questions and builds a kickstart along the way. That's a good way to see what the various options are (and is a bit easier than reading some of the docs for the first couple of times -- eventually you
probably won't need the tool).

Kickstart-list mailing list
Kickstart-list redhat com

That's a good tip, but for people who don't have X installed (for example setting up servers), the GUI based kickstart config tool won't work. I also had to go through this exercise but soon found a lot of sites on the net with good sample kickstart files. One thing I want to add though. If it's possible, setup sometimes like XEN / VMWare / Virtualbox / QMU / etc to test the CD ISO. It's a pain in the neck to first create the CD ISO with makeisofs, then burn it to CD, and then putting it into my test machine to test it.

True! You can of course run system-config-kickstart on any box though, so as long as you have at least one Linux box running X, you can use that :)

With respect to the other suggestions, cobbler happens to both make installing Xen/KVM very easy for repeated installs as you tweak kickstarts and also includes sample base kickstarts :)


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