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Re: include XEN kernel & tools in CentOS 5.1 kickstart?

	Have you tried:

	@ Virtualization at %packages?

	For me, that installs Xen kernel and utils as default for system where
it is installed.


El mié, 27-02-2008 a las 17:36 +0200, Rudi Ahlers escribió:
> Hi all
> I'm busy creating a custom CentOS installation CD to be used with 
> cPanel, which basically needs a minimum installation of Linux, but I 
> would also like to use Xen for VPS' on the server, and thought I could 
> do both at the same time - automatically install my server to my needs, 
> and install Xen (without needing to run "yum install xen kernel-xen 
> virt-manager" every time).
> So, my question is. How would I add those RPM's to the custom CentOS CD, 
> and install them, and then setup grub.conf to use the Xen kernel upon 
> reboot as well?

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