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Re: include XEN kernel & tools in CentOS 5.1 kickstart?

Rudi Ahlers wrote:

Michael DeHaan wrote:
Michael DeHaan wrote:
Rudi Ahlers wrote:
Hi all

I'm busy creating a custom CentOS installation CD to be used with cPanel, which basically needs a minimum installation of Linux, but I would also like to use Xen for VPS' on the server, and thought I could do both at the same time - automatically install my server to my needs, and install Xen (without needing to run "yum install xen kernel-xen virt-manager" every time).

So, my question is. How would I add those RPM's to the custom CentOS CD, and install them, and then setup grub.conf to use the Xen kernel upon reboot as well?

All you have to do is add the list of packages you regularly yum-install to your kickstart file:

For your dom0 (host OS):



Kickstart-list mailing list
Kickstart-list redhat com

Ah, you said CD, my fault.

In Fedora I'd use Pungi, though since you also mentioned cPanel it would be better to set up a network installation environment. Even if you can't PXE, koan has live CD capability to provide the same feature set...



I can't entirely setup a PXE environment, since the servers are being colocated, and we can only do CD / DVD installations, or directly off the internet.

If you can't do a PXE setup, that's not a problem. You can still do bare-metal net installs without having to burn custom media.

Right, with the koan Live CD you run a cobbler server on one of your colo boxes, and insert the "magic" CD into each machine.

The CD then autodiscovers what to install on each system based on the Mac address, which you can control and "preprogram" any time you want without having to generate new CD's.

From the one magic CD, you can install F-8 on one box, Centos 5 on one box, and RHEL 4 on another... it autodetects what to install on each.

If you don't know the MAC addresses, you can make one live CD for each profile, and still you can customize that profile (add new packages, etc) without having to respin another CD.

The instructions on creating this setup are here:


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