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RE: Getting started

Hello all when using cobbler everything went really at least getting it
setup simple how ever after my host network books and begins the Linux
installation I get an error that it cant load the default kickstart file
http://myhost/clbr/kickstarts/default/ks.cfg I'm able to wget this file
with no problem, however it seems my ks client is having issues I'm not
sure what steps I could look at to trouble shoot this. 

devserver2 var # find . -name \ks.cfg

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On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 5:36 PM, Rodrick Brown <rbrown ballistasec com>
> I'm very new to kick start and was wondering if there was a
> set of documents available that one could easily follow to build a
> kick start profile and server.

You should take a look at Cobbler:


It makes getting kickstart up and running dead easy.


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