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Re: Forcing a disk rescan after %pre

Try to use partprobe to re-read available disks/partitions. I'm not sure is it available when %pre script runs, but anaconda does that somehow during the partitioning section so I guess it's possible. In the worst case scenario I would add reboot at the end of creation of raid config in the %pre script - so that it would reboot if change in config occured. I know that its rather a nasty hack, not a proper solution, but please keep in mind that anaconda has some limits.
Good luck!

Paul Malinowski

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Subject: Re: Forcing a disk rescan after %pre

Dag Wieers wrote:
> Hi,
> We are integrating some pre-install scripts. One of the things we have
> now is that in the %pre phase the HW RAID controller is tested for
> "Virtual disks" and if none are found it will create a RAID config
> depending on the number of disks found.
> The problem is that even when we created the RAID, restarted the RAID
> driver and created the device node (fdisk -l shows the new disk).
> Anaconda does not know about the new disk, likely because the scan for
> disks happened before.
> I found a file /tmp/scsidisks and also rewrite that file, but still
> Anaconda does not update its view of the system after the %pre.
> Does someone know how we can make Anaconda understand that we created a
> disk in the %pre ?

I'm a little puzzled. Years ago (RHL 7.x I think) I used to initialise
disks in %pre with various incantations of dd and fdisk (one can pipe
commands into fdisk). That worked fine, and I'm pretty sure I created
new partitions. fdisk forces partition tables to be reread.

Of course, it's possible anaconda has been broken since then:-)



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