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Re: Forcing a disk rescan after %pre

On Thu, 2 Oct 2008, Paul Malinowski wrote:

Try to use partprobe to re-read available disks/partitions. I'm not sure is it available when %pre script runs, but anaconda does that somehow during the partitioning section so I guess it's possible. In the worst case scenario I would add reboot at the end of creation of raid config in the %pre script - so that it would reboot if change in config occured. I know that its rather a nasty hack, not a proper solution, but please keep in mind that anaconda has some limits.

The reboot is what I am planning to do, but I prefer to look first at a better option instead of settling for this because I don't know better :-)

I fear that anaconda's data-structure is not updated and the scan for disks has already happened before the %pre. Because after my RAID scripts has run, I do have /dev/sda available to the system, but anaconda behaves as if there were no disks found.

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