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Re: part function

Hi Glenn

----- "Glenn Bailey" <gbailey terremark com> escribió:

> What's the default behvaiour for the 'part' function when --ondisk is
> left out? I'm wanting to do something similar to this in my
> kickstarts,
> but make it available on other devices that don't have the cciss
> device:

If you left it empty, anaconda will put the partitions wherever it finds a right place, what I do is to use a small script to force them on first hard drive detected on the system with:

%include /tmp/part-include

and then a %pre script like:
set $(list-harddrives)
let numd=$#/2 # Number harddrives
d1=$1 # first device
S1=$2 # first device size (and so on)
echo "part /boot --fstype ext3 --size=100 --onpart=$PARTBOOT" >> /tmp/part-include
echo "part pv.100000 --size=1 --grow --onpart=$PARTVOL" >>  /tmp/part-include
echo "volgroup vg0 --pesize=32768 pv.100000" >> /tmp/part-include

and the rest of rour logvols.


> clearpart --all
> part /boot --fstype ext3 --size=250 --asprimary --ondisk=cciss/c0d0
> part pv.100000 --noformat --size=1 --grow --ondisk=cciss/c0d0
> volgroup vg0 --pesize=32768 pv.100000
> logvol swap --fstype swap --name=lv_swap --vgname=vg0 --size=4096
> logvol /var/log --fstype ext3 --name=lv_log --vgname=vg0 --size=4096
> logvol / --fstype ext3 --name=lv_root --vgname=vg0 --size=2048 --grow
> If I just take out the --ondisk will it default to the first disk? Or
> will I need to execute a script in the %pre section?
> glenn - terremark worldwide
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