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Re: Suggestions for a better kickstart infrastructure

         i want create Kickstart DVD give me instructions from the top to bottom.
i do not have any experiance on this please do the need full.



On 10/17/08, Mukarram Syed <muksyed stanford edu> wrote:


We would like to upgrade our Kickstart infrastructure to make it better and I am looking for some suggestions.


What we have is a menu based Kickstart infrastructure on running Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 (EL4), where you have the boot.msg file and the corresponding default file all installed from the system-config-netboot rpm.  Then I have the tftp server, the webserver serving the ks.cfg files, RPM's etc.

And then I have the post install script that run in the %post section of the ks.cfg file which mounts the NFS partitions where I have all my post-install scripts and files.


We have been using this Kickstart infrastructure for about a year and a half now and it's been serving our purpose, but the menus have become a lot larger than it was and now when I pxeboot the client the menu scrolls off the screen and there is no way to do a page-up/page-down to see what's on top/bottom.

We have tried to trim down the menu but now since our infrastructure has gotten a lot larger it's difficult.  Then when we want to have both EL4 and EL5 it would be difficult as well.


I have heard of "cobbler" but I would like some suggestions as to which is the best alternative to this menu based Kickstart that I am using here.

Also this Kickstart infrastructure that I have here seems to be a basic one and we are ready to explore some advanced methods of Kickstarting our servers


Any suggestions would be appreciated.




# mukarram


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