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RE: upgrading using kickstart

shailendra sodhi wrote:

I am attempting an upgrade from CentOS 5.3 to CentOS 5.4. The system I am running has three  1 terabyte drives /sda/b/c configured as soft raid0 with xfs file system and one solid state 32 GB drive (/sdd)with linux(CentOS 5.3) on it.
Now the problem is when I attempt an upgrade installer complains about unreadable partition table on sda/b/c and ask for intialization, which is fine since I can ignore the message but than it try to mount /dev/md0 soft raid partition and fails the upgrade.

Now before attempting an upgrade if I unmount the /dev/md0 and remove the entry from fstab, installer dosen't complain about any thing and the upgrade is successful.

Now the company I work for ships the boxes with above configurations and I don't want customers to playing around with fstab and than upgrade their boxes.

Any work around ....?? Apart from performing upgrade over net as it must be thru DVD.



One way might be to include a small pre-upgrade script on your DVD.  Ensure your customers run the script as part of the upgrade procedure, then the script can configure fstab and reboot.


A more complicated way might be to get the %pre section of kickstart to detect and mount the partitions, and modify fstab from there.  You would have to do that manually because i) anaconda’s partition detection and mounting code is not available at that point (any anaconda devs reading – that would be a useful thing to have) and ii) it doesn’t work for you anyway.  The thread CentOS upgrade - access to chroot in %pre? from last August has some examples of possible techniques to do that.



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