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Re: updates= parameter not being picked up

> However, now I'm trying to add
> a updates=http://server.com/path/to/updates.img parameter, and though I
> see it when I Ctrl-F2 and cat /proc/cmdline, anaconda is not retrieving
> the file from the http server.  The /tmp/anaconda log does, however,
> show a request for updates.img being sent to the server where stage2.img
> is downloaded from.  Any idea why it's not using the parameter I'm
> passing at boot time?

Are there any files in /tmp/updates/?  Perhaps it's being downloaded but
your updates image is not constructed correctly and therefore the files
are not getting used.

What format is your updates image?  How did you construct it?

> Also, is it mandatory that the file name used for
> updates be names updates.img?  Or could it be, say, updates-network.img?
> Thanks.

It can be named anything you'd like as long as you pass the right
updates= parameter.

- Chris

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