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Problems with ks partitioning in FC12


I have been having problems getting Anaconda to properly read and apply the partitions specified in a kickstart file under Fedora 12. I would like to redefine "/" and "/boot" as ext3, but instead of doing this, Anaconda simply creates the default partition layout, plus my specified layount, meaning that I end up with the duplicate partitions (and the install eventually fails). Here are the relevant lines from my kickstart file:

bootloader --location=mbr --driveorder=sda --append=" LANG=en_US.UTF-8 SYSFONT=latarcyrheb-sun16 KEYBOARDTYPE=pc KEYTABLE=us rhgb quiet"
clearpart --all --drives=sda
part /boot      --fstype=ext3 --size=200
part pv.01      --grow --size=1
volgroup VolGroup --pesize=4096 pv.01
logvol /        --fstype=ext3 --name=lv_root    --vgname=VolGroup --size=40960
logvol /scratch --fstype=ext3 --name=lv_scratch --vgname=VolGroup --size=19216
logvol swap                  --name=lv_swap    --vgname=VolGroup --size=1056

When I go through the install wizard and check "Review and modify partitioning layout" Anaconda has done the following:

LVM Volume Groups:
  Vol Group:
      lv_root / ext3      40969
      lv_scratch /scratch ext3 19219
      lv_swap swap 1056
      lv_root / ext4      25644
      lv_swap swap 1056
Hard Drives:
      /dev/sda1 /boot ext4 200
      /dev/sda2 /boot ext4 200
      /dev/sda3 physical volume (LVM) 30518
      /dev/sda4 Extended 30514
        /dev/sda5 physical (LVM) 26703

Notice how anaconda creates two logical volumes, two / and two /boot partitions.

One thing which is bothersome is that even when I start out with the partitioning information from "anaconda_ks.cfg" from a manual install, it does not work. To get as far along as I am now, I had to reorder some lines to resolve a underfined partition error (anaconda would write out the "part" lines after the "volgroup" lines. It's a little frustrating that Anaconda isn't able to write a "anaconda_ks.cfg" which it can itself read. Even when I corrected the problem, I ended up with duplicate partitions.

Any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong?

-- Marcio

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