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Re: USB devices not being seen in anaconda during RHEL4 kickstart

Al Alder wrote:
> Using RHEL 5 in a RHEL 4 initrd will not work without
> modifying the RHEL 5 loader to point to RHEL 4.
> I tried using RHEL 5 loader in RHEL 4 which didn't
> work.  Realized that the RHEL 5 loader would have
> to be modified, but I never took the time to pursue
> the modification.

On Sat, 2009-03-14 at 09:14 +0900, John Summerfield wrote:
> ??
> I don't understand that. _How_ did it fail?

Is he saying he was using GRUB from RHEL 5 that loads from a RHEL 5
root/usr to boot a RHEL 4 kernel/initrd in another partition and it

That sounds more like an issue with GRUB configuration than a failure of
RHEL 5 v. 4 GRUB.  I.e., did he change the booting reference for RHEL 4
to the correct boot/root slice (partition)?  And not leave it the same
for RHEL 5?

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