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[Fwd: network step always skipped in kickstart.py]

I posted this to the anaconda list with echoing silence, so I was wondering if someone here could help me figure out exactly what was going on.  Why does anaconda *always* skip the network configuration step if kickstart is used?

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I've built a rudimentary patch that works around the problem for my purposes, see below, but while that works with expected behaviour (leave out the network line, it should ask you to configure a network interface) that seems a little hacky, as it breaks down as soon as you have more than one interface...

The anaconda docs on the fedora wiki say "--bootproto=query" is the way to get kickstart to pop up the network configuration dialog.  (this does not work)

anaconda.spec mentions --bootproto=ask in anaconda 11.4, but it was pulled out shortly after, and obviously doesn't work.

Is this design intent, or something over-looked, or...


diff --git a/kickstart.py b/kickstart.py
index 82ae00b..3772672 100644
--- a/kickstart.py
+++ b/kickstart.py
@@ -1216,7 +1216,8 @@ def setSteps(anaconda):
-    dispatch.skipStep("network")
+    if self.ksdata.network:
+       dispatch.skipStep("network")
     # Don't show confirmation screens on non-interactive installs.
     if not interactive:

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