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Re: Anaconda default behaviour on error

Thanks Tom

Cobbler looks interesting and is new to me! I really should peruse the Fedora website more often.

Im not sure your suggestion direclty tackles my issue as these are blind remote installs - we only know there is a problem when we realise the machine is not available after the usual 20mins (or so) and then notice the lack of web logs that you would expect to be seen when serving RPM packages from the web server. Its always after the event that human error is noticed/acknowledged ;)

I will certainly further investigate Cobbler in any case.

On further digging, it seems the default behaviour of anaconda/kickstart method is not optionable (not a configuration parameter.) I can see that the stancepoint of prompting for user input on some error is probably safest for most situations - just not mine.


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> Is there some option or means of persuading anaconda to reboot on failures, prior to any changes being committed to the system? (ie. prior to fdisk activity of Kickstart file)

use cobbler with koan and the -D option so that you can see what the 
kernel line will look like to the kickstar before you reboot the box so 
you can fix it and then reboot so avoid the machine not coming back up.

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