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Re: [Fwd: network step always skipped in kickstart.py]

First of all, thanks for responding,  I was pretty sure that the issue had fallen into the void.  It doesn't *really* matter to me, as I've fixed it in my source code, but I know that it's bitten other people, as it was originally brought to my attention in the centos IRC channel.

That's what I thought at first, because my test platform uses kickstart and updates over http, so I figured that it was just as you suspected, but I tried it with both the kickstart burned onto CD, and the ks=floppy boot method, and both times, it failed to configure the network. 

There's one scenario left that I haven't tested, which is to boot up on a network without a DHCP server (I haven't tested it for a couple of reasons[1]), and see if it asks for a network configuration. 

However based on my reading of the anaconda code; the fact that kickstart.py *always* calls dispatch.skipStep("network"), and the commit message from a commit that was subsequently retracted in the anaconda git repo[2], I'm  sure that, no matter what I do, if kickstart is invoked, it will not ask me to configure the network.

I guess I have to open up an enhancement request on Fedora to get this fixed to behave as I think it should...

1.  I'd have to set up a virtual network on a private LAN, which would take too much time for a test that I know would fail, and it's kinda beside the point, just because the use case I'm envisioning separates install-time network configuration from permanent network config

2.  http://preview.tinyurl.com/dyv7y9 and the commit message states:

This patch adds support for a new network bootproto.  The point of this is
to work around our basic assumption that no network line in the kickstart
file means you get dhcp.  Some environments may want the assumption that
no network line means you get prompted for network configuration.  That's
what this patch adds.
and the commit is reverted two weeks later.  After reading the bug referenced the commit msg, I kinda understand what happened. (It's a confusing bug).

Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:
On 03/25/2009 08:37 PM, Matt Rose wrote:
Mind you, I'm not sure whether my expectations are correct.

The patch I attached "fixes" this behaviour so that the network
configuration dialog is brought up, if there is no "network" option in
the ks.cfg


Has your network been preconfigured in any way? I'm thinking ksdevice=,
ip= (and friends) on the cmdline or something.

In those cases, a kickstart that does not have a "network" line should
not bring up the network configuration dialog.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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