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Installing a system to a directory only

Hi all,

I'm trying to use anaconda to build system images for Amazon's EC2
service. For this, you need to build a standard Linux system, then run
a tool to package up the system into several files.

The whole image building and packaging process is a bit adhoc, so I'm
trying to automate it. My idea is to start with a kickstart file, then
have anaconda build the system into a directory (rather than build a
system from scratch), then run the packager on that directory only. To

kickstart file -> [anaconda install] -> full system image in a
directory -> [EC2 packager] -> final system image

Looking at various websites, the --rootpath option seems to be the answer.

On a CentOS 5.2 i386 machine, with the
version of anaconda installed, I tried this:

mkdir -p /mnt/runtime/usr/sbin/
LANG=en /usr/sbin/anaconda -T -m

The installer displays the text menu, asks for the early options, but
then dies just after the "Checking dependencies in packages selected
for installation..." step:

Traceback (most recent call first):
  File "/usr/lib/anaconda/urlinstall.py", line 95, in systemMounted
    self.loopbackFile = "%s%s%s" % (chroot,
  File "/usr/lib/anaconda/yuminstall.py", line 1328, in doPreInstall
    if self.method.systemMounted (anaconda.id.fsset, anaconda.rootPath):
  File "/usr/lib/anaconda/backend.py", line 180, in doPreInstall
++  File "/usr/lib/anaconda/dispatch.py", line 201, in moveStep
    rc = stepFunc(self.anaconda)
  File "/usr/lib/anaconda/dispatch.py", line 124, in gotoNext
  File "/usr/lib/anaconda/text.py", line 588, in run
  File "/usr/sbin/anaconda", line 982, in ?
IndexError: list index out of range

The last statement run is:
        self.loopbackFile = "%s%s%s" % (chroot,

With this being the problem:
(Pdb) print fsset.filesystemSpace(chroot)

The same problem has been noted before:


Does anyone have any ideas?


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