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more Out of memory process 564 (loader) killed install pristine core 10

I have verified that the problem is with anaconda by doing the following:
I used a linux bunner app to create image file /042009/images/install.img (on partition /dev/sda4) from my cheapbytes (pristine - NO customization) Fedora core 10 DVD.
I then tried to install using a kickstart file with install line:
# Use hard drive installation media
harddrive --dir=/042009/images/install.img --partition=sda4
The out of memory message occurs as the loader attempts to load the image.
Then, to make sure that I don't have a bad install.img file from my bunner app I burned this exact same image back onto another DVD.
Then, to prove that it is an anaconda issue (but ONLY with hard drive installs) I made ONE AND ONLY ONE change: I changed the install method line in the exact same kickstart file to:
# Use CDROM installation media
I made sure to use exactly the same boot up method which is linld batch script (on a VFAT fs disk) using kernel & initrd files that I had extracted previously from my pristine fedora core 10 image - this how I have done this many times in the past.
The result is this image installs with the CDROM method after putting the DVD in the drive when prompted.

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