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Re: tar.gz installation

On Fri, 2009-05-22 at 15:58 -0300, Pablo Bernasconi wrote:
> Hi everyone, 
> I ve just subscribed to the list. I have little experience in doing
> kickstart files and I have a problem to solve.
> I need to install a blabla.tar.gz by the kickstart file. Anyone could
> help me??? 
> How do I move the tar.gz file to the system so then in the %post
> section (I supouse) do:
> tar -xvzf blabla.tar.gz
> ./configure
> make
> make install
> Thank you very much!!!

Three mechanisms:  

1.  Create a real RPM out of the tarball, so it's under RPM management

2.  Stuff the tarball in a simple RPM (files only) so it's installed to
the system already, ready-to-be-extracted

3.  Put the tarball on a HTTP server, then do a "curl -O http://"; to
fetch it during %post

#1 and #3 are the most common.  I wouldn't recommend #2, it's probably
just better to do #1 (or #3 if you're not going to do it right).

If you have Spacewalk / RHN Satellite Server, the /pub URL on the server
itself is available (/var/www/html/pub).  You can also use a
configuration channel to push down any required post-installation and/or
configuration files/scripts for it.

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mailto:b j smith ieee org     (non-RH/ext to Blackberry) 
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