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Re: tar.gz installation

Pablo Bernasconi wrote:
So I have to do an rpm with the tar.gz inside, but the only thing that the
rpm has to do is to uncompress the tar.gz to a local directory, and then in
the post script I do:

make install


This is the "nice" way??

The proper way is to get all the files under rpm management. To do that, you build once (for each architecture), then install the rpm.

The best way to build it is to use the rpmbuild command. For a reasonably simple example to follow, download the fetchmail source rpm and learn how that's built.

By creating an rpm, you avoid the need to have all the build tools and libraries installed on each target machine, and save the time it takes to build it each time.

Since you're using kickstart, I expect you have a reasonable number to install.

If you don't want to rejig the install media (I wouldn't), then installing the rpm in the kickstart %post section is reasonable.



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