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Re: tar.gz installation

On Sun, 2009-05-24 at 19:22 -0300, Pablo Bernasconi wrote:
> Sorry, I thinked that I said the name of the program.
> I have to install Fedora with Asterisk and all of its components.
> I know that there is an Asterisk and Asterisk 1.6.1.rc1 rpm
> version. 
> I have watch the spec files, and because Asterisk has to many
> dependencies, I thaught it was easier to install it by the  %post
> script.

The more complex the software, the more reason it should be RPM packaged
for sheer management reasons.  Asterisk is a perfect example.

Especially if you are deploying it en masse via a kickstart.  Otherwise,
when you go to upgrade, you'll really hate life.  ;)

> I have to install the version...

Here's a concept.  Download the SRPMS (.src.rpm) of the Asterisk
version, install it**, do the minimal edits to the SPECS/asterisk.spec**
file for it to point to, plop the Asterisk tarball into
SOURCES/**, and give it a try.

I'm sorry, it's _so_easy_ to rebuild for a simple revision/patch-level
change when the SPEC file already exists.  Learn how to do this.

-- Bryan

**NOTE:  By default, it will install to /usr/src/redhat.  You can change
this behavior with a .rpmmacros file and the %topdir directive, so you
can build elsewhere (including as a regular user instead of root).

Take the time to learn basic RPM building, especially when you already
have a SPEC file that is virtually "ready-to-use."  That makes it
extremely easy.

Bryan J Smith     Senior Consultant    Red Hat GPS SE US
mailto:bjs redhat com         +1 (407) 489-7013 (Mobile) 
mailto:b j smith ieee org     (non-RH/ext to Blackberry) 
You already know Red Hat as the entity dedicated to 100%
no-IP-strings-attached, community software development.
But do you know where CIOs rate Red Hat versus other
software and services firms for their own, direct needs? 
It's no comparison:  http://www.redhat.com/promo/vendor/ 

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