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Re: Grabbing user input in the %pre section using the python snack library

you can kick off a %pre in python using the --interpreter flag.  I just use the vt5 for feedback, so I just issue

os.system("chvt 5")

and write to /dev/tty5 directly, but I'm sure you could manipulate sys.stdout, and sys.stderr


Glenn Bailey wrote:
Howdy folks,

I've been beating my head trying to get this darn thing to work. I can easily grab user input via straight shell in the following example:

chvt 3
exec </dev/tty3 >/dev/tty3 2>/dev/tty3
echo -n "Enter the hostname: "
echo "You entered: $HOSTNAME"

But, what I am trying to do is use the python snack library, and I'm having no luck. I couldn't find a pure python solution, so I tried some tricks and came up with the following:

chvt 3
exec </dev/tty3 >/dev/tty3 2>/dev/tty3
/usr/bin/python <<EOF

import os, sys
from snack import *

title = "Linux Build"
buttons = ['Ok', 'Cancel']
width = 40
help = "None"
textItems = "Hello!"
text = "Confirm options"
screen = SnackScreen()
ButtonChoiceWindow(screen, title, textItems, ['Start Build', 'Re-input Items'],
                   width, 0,0,help)


Which will display the screen, but it still takes input from tty1. Any ideas to WTH is going on? Looking through the archives I found some pure python examples, but they did nada fer me .. I'd take a solution in shell or python as long as it works ;-)

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