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Re: kickstart installation of Ubuntu Desktop

On Wed, 2009-11-18 at 21:38 +0530, Kaushal Shriyan wrote:
> Hi,
> Can i post my question in this mailing list about kickstart automated
> installation (http method) of Ubuntu Desktop ?

So you're using Kickstart for Ubuntu?

--- more info ---

I haven't kept up with Canonical's developments.  Last time I checked
(within the last year), there was ...

1.  Debian installer's pre-seeding
2.  Kickstart from the Anaconda (Fedora/Red Hat) "Python stack" 

Indeed, the Canonical training materials still teach these two:  

Debian pre-seeding isn't exactly the same as, despite claims by Ubuntu
apologists, Ubuntu is not quite Debian.

Likewise, there is still a bit of support missing from the Kickstart
implementations for Ubuntu, and it's not integrated with Landscape IIRC
-- whereas the Anaconda stack is supported by both base tools and the
Spacewalk/RHN system.

Anyone been keeping up with Canonical's developments on this front?  Are
they moving towards just adoption of more of the Anaconda stack?

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