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Re: This ks script isn't working on CentOS 4.8... Should it?

Inline redirection, like this, will make it easier to read your script.

cat > /tmp/part-include << TAG
part /boot        --size=200      --asprimary     --ondisk=sda
part /            --size=20000    --asprimary     --ondisk=sda
part swap --size=1000     --asprimary     --ondisk=sda
part /backup      --size=5000                     --ondisk=sda
part /u           --size=1        --grow          --ondisk=sda

Test your script on a working machine before trying to use it for kickstart.

Test bits of the script in isolation, then put them all together.

Lastly, I don't know whether kickstart supports an include which
refers to a file which is created by the kickstart itself. You are
essentially asking kickstart to read the file, process the %pre block,
and then re-read the file. Some processors might read the file only
once, parsing and reading all include directives along the way, and
execute the %pre block, and then execute the main body - the contents
of which may already have been frozen. The question ( to which I have
no answer ) is "when does kickstart expand include directives?"


Good luck.

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