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Re: Kickstart using static IP address

Am 27.11.2009 um 13:44 schrieb Simon Reber:

Hi List,

I have a problem with my kickstart environment.
The kickstart file and the packages are located on a web server and to
start the installation, I've created an ISO from isolinux (Source is
CentOS 5.4)

Everything works very well so far, since I have DHCP available in almost
every network. But now the environment is being extended to an
additional DMZ where I won't get DHCP running.
But everything is build to support static IP address as well and at the
beginning it was working fine.
The system booted from the ISO (mentioned above) then asked my which
Interface I want to use for installation (took eth0) and started looking
for a DHCP server to obtain an IP address. Since there was no DHCP
Server present, anaconda came up with a mask where I could define static IP configuration and afterwards configure the selected NIC (IP, Netmask, Gateway and DNS Server). When I pressed OK it contacted successfully my
kickstart web server and downloaded the kickstart file (activity was
logged in the web server log).
But as soon as the kickstart file arrived on the server it starts again
determine an IP address form a DHCP server which fails (obviously).
Because of this all IP information I've entered before are lost and the
further installation steps are failing (loading stage2.img, etc.)
Since this is happening in such an early state I am not able to obtain
any log files from anaconda.

I know that I can define static information directly during boot (with
ip=<ip address>, etc.) But I'd like to avoid this and use the way
described above (I hardly remeber that I was successfully using this in
the past)
So my question is:
	Does somebody know this behavior? And If yes is there a way to
get around this or to make it working?

network --device eth0 --bootproto static --ip 10.10.10.XX --netmask --gateway --nameserver

If you need my kickstart file, feel free to ask for it. I won't past it
into this mail to keep it simple.

Thanks and all the best,

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