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upgrading using kickstart

hi all,

I am attempting an upgrade from CentOS 5.3 to CentOS 5.4. The system I am running has three  1 terabyte drives /sda/b/c configured as soft raid0 with xfs file system and one solid state 32 GB drive (/sdd)with linux(CentOS 5.3) on it.
Now the problem is when I attempt an upgrade installer complains about unreadable partition table on sda/b/c and ask for intialization, which is fine since I can ignore the message but than it try to mount /dev/md0 soft raid partition and fails the upgrade.

Now before attempting an upgrade if I unmount the /dev/md0 and remove the entry from fstab, installer dosen't complain about any thing and the upgrade is successful.

Now the company I work for ships the boxes with above configurations and I don't want customers to playing around with fstab and than upgrade their boxes.

Any work around ....?? Apart from performing upgrade over net as it must be thru DVD.

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