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Re: Controller partition order?

 On 12/02/2010 01:08 PM, Jared Rodriguez wrote:
I'm building a bunch of virtual machines and I want to make sure that the swap partition comes first on the disk. Sometimes we need to expand storage on VMs and this is much harder if the swap partition is after the / partition. Is
there a way with the partition command to control where on the disk a
partition goes?

We use something like this:

zerombr yes
clearpart --all --initlabel
part /boot --fstype "ext3" --size=100 --asprimary
part /tmp --fstype "ext3" --size=2048 --asprimary
part / --fstype "ext3" --size=1 --grow
%include /tmp/swap.cfg

swap is dynamically generated during the bootstrap process. The configuration creates the following partitions:

/dev/sda1   /boot
/dev/sda2   /tmp
/dev/sda3   swap
/dev/sda4   extended
/dev/sda5   /

I am not aware of any other way to make anaconda honor the position of the swap partition.

We use somewhat similar solution:

part --onpart=sda1 swap
part --onpart=sda2 / --fstype ext4

For that to work in %pre section we run fdisk, which we feed with file that has all fdisk commands written one per line.

/usr/bin/wget -nv http://myserver/path/to/file/fdisk.input -O /tmp/fdisk.input
/usr/sbin/fdisk /dev/sda<  /tmp/fdisk.input


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