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Re: Problem with fdisk partition aligment (for VMWare) and kickstart patitioning

Thomas Hemmingby Espe wrote:
2010/12/15 Hugh Brown <hbrown divms uiowa edu>:

Hello, and thanks for the reply.

Instead of doing the "d 1 d 2 ..." I just zero out the mbr with dd

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1

Yes, we changed the script today to something similar to what you suggest,
but that did not make any difference.

Then, I do a similar fdisk <<EOF, however, I also set sda1 to be bootable,
and create a partition for the physical volume, set it to making sure to
start/end on a boundary.

I'd double check to make sure you don't have a clearpart directive that is
overwriting your changes.

You could also try running partprobe after you finish writing out the change
to the partition table.

Somehow, partprobe is not available. I have not manage to find out
why. RedHat suggests that
partprobe is part of the parted-package, and parted is available, but
not partprobe.

The installation halts just after the %pre-script is done (the
repartitioning is the only
%pre-script that is run), so it seems that anaconda is somehow not
able to pick up the changes.
partprobe could have remedied that, I believe, had it been available.

Which version of Redhat are you running?

I've been doing this with VMs using RHEL5 running on ESX 4.0 with the storage device presented to vmware via NFS from a NAS box.


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